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    You Get A No Risk 100% Unconditional Ironclad Money Back Smile of Satisfaction Guarantee

    Wear The Smile of Satisfaction: Thoroughly examine your policy for 10 days. You must wear the smile of satisfaction, or it’s no sale. Can you ask more! There are no strings attached to it. Use your travel insurance 10 days. If you don’t want to keep it – if you would rather protect yourself another way – cancel the policy and get your money back (as long as it’s before your policy’s departure date).

    Gaston S., Raeford, North Carolina says, “I have never worked with a company that’s tried so hard to make me understand what I bought.”

    You Won’t Lose The Policy Fee If You Cancel

    Some policies have a non-refundable (from the insurance provider) policy fee. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll lose the policy fee. TripInsuranceStore.com will refund you the $5, $6 or $8 non-refundable policy fee if you return your policy. You need to notify us directly so we can cheerfully send you your policy fee refund.

    Travel Insurance Policy Refund / Free Look Periods

    All insurance contracts have a “Free Look Period”. This is the number of days you can examine your policy and decide to cancel it for a refund. You don’t have to give a reason to cancel your policy either. You just need to do it within the deadline to get a refund.

    Why can’t I cancel my travel insurance policy anytime and get a refund?

    The reason is that when you buy travel insurance you are transferring the risk of losing money to the insurance company if something happens to you. Let’s say you get the policy one year before you leave. You never got hurt or sick, so you decide to cancel it the day before you leave. That’d be foolish of the insurance company to give you a refund trip because they carried your trip cancellation risk for a year.

    It’s just like having auto insurance for years and wanting a refund on it because you never had an accident.

    What do I do if my trip changes after the Free Look Period?

    All the plans we offer will allow you to both change your travel dates to a new trip and let you decrease or increase your covered trip cost with the correct documentation. You must make the change before your original departure date. Plus, if you want to keep the pre-existing medical condition waiver, you’ll need to increase your trip cost within seven calendar days of incurring a higher non-refundable trip cost.

    The key date to remember is the travel insurance policy’s purchase date. Here’s an example: You get a travel insurance policy on September 26th. You call us March 14th saying you canceled your trip, “I want a full refund on my policy”. You can’t get a refund. You can change the policy’s dates to cover a different trip.

    You can’t return your policy for a refund if you’ve already left on your trip.

    Here’s Each Company’s Policy Refund / Free Look Period:

    Provider (the link goes to our summary page) Free Look Period
    Travelex Basic 10 calendar days
    Both Travel Guard plans 15 calendar days
    Travel Insured Lite 14 calendar days
    TripAssure Asset 14 calendar days

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